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Online & display advertising glossary

 3MS initiative
 Accidental click
 Ad analytics
 Ad animation length
 Ad arbitrage
 Ad blocker
 Ad blocking
 Ad clutter
 Ad collision
 Ad engagement
 Ad exchange
 Ad frame rate
 Ad frequency capping
 Ad impression
 Ad inventory
 Ad inventory fill rate
 Ad inventory forecasting
 Ad inventory management
 Ad network
 Ad network SDK
 Ad ops
 Ad optimization algorithm
 Ad preferences manager
 Ad request
 Ad sales management
 Ad sales sofware
 Ad sequencing
 Ad server
 Ad serving discrepancy
 Ad serving latency
 Ad specs
 Ad stacking
 Ad stitching
 Ad stuffing
 Ad tag
 Ad tech
 Ad trader
 Ad trafficker
 Ad trafficking
 Ad underdelivery
 Ad verification
 Adaptative streaming
 AdChoices icon
 Addressable TV
 Advertiser black list
 Advertiser blocklist
 Advertising API
 Advertising technology
 Agency ad server
 Agency trading desk
 Alliance for Audited Media
 Alternate ad
 Audience extension
 Audience targeting
 Audience verification
 Automated monetization
 Autoplay video for ads
 Average CPMs
 Average Facebook click through rate
 Background skin
 Backup ad
 Backup gif
 Banner ad
 Banner blindness
 Banner burnout
 Banner fatigue
 Behavioral ad network
 Behavioral advertising
 Behavioral data
 Behavioral targeting
 Big box ad unit
 Billboard IAB ad unit
 Blank ad
 Blind ad network
 Blind buy
 Blocked advertiser
 Blocked advertiser list
 Booked orders allocation
 Bot traffic
 Brand newsroom
 Brand safety
 Branding campaign
 Browser history sniffing
 Browser targeting
 Burn pixel code
 Captcha advertising
 Carrier targeting
 Catfish ad unit
 Charity ad
 Click fraud
 Click fraud audit
 Click fraud detection
 Companion ad
 Company targeting
 Content targeting
 Contextual advertising
 Contextual targeting
 Cookie deletion
 Cookie matching
 Cookie pool
 Creative quality assurance
 Creative sequencing
 Creative template
 CRM data driven advertising
 CRM retargeting
 CRM targeting
 Cross-device advertising
 Cross-device retargeting
 Cross-device targeting
 Daisy chain
 Data leakage
 Data partner
 Daypart targeting
 Default ad
 Demand side platform
 Device fingerprinting
 Device targeting
 Direct response campaign
 Direct sales
 Display advertising DMP
 Dynamic creative ad
 Dynamic creative optimization
 Emotion detection
 Exclusion pixel
 Facebook Custom Audiences
 Facebook Lookalike Audiences
 Facebook Power Editor
 Facial recognition targeting
 Fat fingers clicks
 Ferris wheel ad
 Film strip ad unit
 First impression
 First impression takeover
 First party data
 Floor price
 Frequency control
 Friendly IFrame
 Game advertising
 Geo-targeting exclusion
 Guaranteed inventory
 Half page ad unit
 Homepage takeover
 Horizontal ad network
 House ad
 IAB ad units
 IAB Digital Media Sales Certification
 IAB Rising Stars
 IAB SafeFrame specification
 IAB’s creative specs database
 IAB’s data council
 IAB’s spiders and bots list
 Impression arbitrage
 Impression cap
 Impression discrepancy
 Impression fraud
 Impression stuffing
 In-game advertising
 In-market targeting
 In-text advertising
 In-view impression
 Independent trading desk
 Initial Flash file load
 Intent data
 Intent-based advertising
 Intent-based targeting
 Interest based advertising
 Interest based targeting
 Interest categories
 Interstitial ad
 Interstitial ad
 Invalid click
 Inventory transparency
 IP address geolocation
 Keyword level search retargeting
 Large rectangle
 Lights out ad unit
 Linear video ad
 Look-alike targeting
 LREC ad banner
 Masthead ad unit
 Math men
 Max initial load file size
 Media plan verification
 Medium rectangle
 Message sequencing
 MREC ad banner
 Multi-screen ad campaign
 Native ad formats
 Native advertising
 Native video ad
 Negative targeting
 Newsletter sponsorship
 Non-guaranteed display
 Non-linear video ad
 Offline data
 Offline data targeting
 OOB click tracking
 OpenRTB project
 Opt-out cookie
 Opt-out tool or page
 OS targeting
 OTP ad
 Out of band click tracking
 Over the page
 Page skin
 Parasitic advertising
 Passback tag or code
 Personally identifiable information
 Pixel stuffing
 Polite banner
 Polite loading
 Portrait ad unit
 Post-click cookie
 Post-impression cookie
 PPC ad
 PPC advertising
 PPV network
 Pre-home interstitial
 Predictive targeting
 Preferred deal
 Premium ad network
 Premium inventory
 Premium publisher
 Premium video content
 Price floor
 Private ad exchange
 Private trading desk
 Programmatic buying
 Programmatic retargeting
 Programmatic selling
 Promoted pin
 Pub-side file
 Public-service ad
 Publisher ad server
 Publisher blocklist
 Pushdown ad unit
 Queries per second
 Real time bidding
 Real time display
 Registration targeting
 Remarketing pixel
 Remnant inventory
 Request for proposal
 Reskin ad unit
 Retargeting DSP
 Retargeting list
 Retargeting pixel
 Retargeting pixel code
 Roadblock ad
 RTB project
 Run of Exchange
 Run Of Network
 Run Of Site
 SafeFrame API
 Search history
 Search retargeting
 See-through rate
 Semantic advertising
 Sequential advertising
 Server-side ad insertion
 Session capping
 Session depth
 Share of voice
 Sidekick ad unit
 Slider IAB ad unit
 Social video ad
 Splash page
 Spray and pray
 Stop words
 Subsequent polite file load
 Subsequent user initiated file load
 Supply side platform
 Takeover ad unit
 Targeting capabilities
 Technographic targeting
 Third party ad serving
 Third party ad tag
 Third party data
 Third party discrepancy
 Trading desk
 TrueView in-search video ad
 TV app
 Uncapped ad campaign
 Unsold ad inventory
 URL transparency
 Vertical ad network
 View through conversion
 View trough attribution
 Viewable ad impression
 Voken ad unit
 Wallpaper ad
 Wasted impressions
 Website tagging
 Wi-Fi targeting
 Yield manager
 YouTube’s masthead ad unit