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 IAB ad units
 IAB Digital Media Sales Certification
 IAB Rising Stars
 IAB SafeFrame specification
 IAB’s creative specs database
 IAB’s data council
 IAB’s spiders and bots list
 Identity storage
 Image blocking
 Image mining
 Immersive marketing
 Impression arbitrage
 Impression cap
 Impression discrepancy
 Impression fraud
 Impression stuffing
 In the fold
 In-app ad
 In-game advertising
 In-house affiliate program
 In-house SEO
 In-market targeting
 In-text advertising
 In-text link or backlink
 In-view impression
 Inactive list subscriber
 Inactive subscriber
 Inbound marketing
 Inbound traffic
 Inbox deliverability
 Inbox placement rate
 Inbox preview tool
 Incremental search ad clicks
 Independent trading desk
 Indirect ambush marketing
 Informational search query
 Initial Flash file load
 Inorganic backlink
 Inorganic links
 Intelligent virtual agent
 Intent data
 Intent-based advertising
 Intent-based marketing
 Intent-based targeting
 Interest based advertising
 Interest based targeting
 Interest categories
 Internal search
 Internal search data
 Internal search query
 Interstitial ad
 Interstitial ad
 Interstitial page
 Invalid click
 Inventory transparency
 IP address
 IP address blocking
 IP address database
 IP address filtering
 IP address geolocation
 IP address geolocation database
 IP address warm-up