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 Reactvertising TM
 Real time bidding
 Real time buying
 Real time display
 Real-time marketing
 Recurring commission
 Referral sources
 Referral traffic
 Referrer laundering
 Referrer URL
 Registration targeting
 Remarketing pixel
 Remnant inventory
 Reply-to address
 Request for proposal
 Reskin ad unit
 Responsive email
 Responsive email design
 Responsive grid
 Responsive grid generator
 Responsive web design
 Retargeting audience segment
 Retargeting DSP
 Retargeting list
 Retargeting pixel
 Retargeting pixel code
 Retro marketing
 Reversal policy
 Reversal rate
 Reverse SEO
 Roadblock ad
 RTB project
 Run of Exchange
 Run Of Network
 Run Of Site