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 Cache buster
 Calculators and simulators
 Call tracking
 Captcha advertising
 Captcha breaking
 Carousel ad
 Carrier targeting
 Catfish ad unit
 Charity ad
 Charity affiliate program
 Chief conversion officer
 Choices randomization
 Clear gif
 Click & collect
 Click & pick up
 Click fraud
 Click fraud audit
 Click fraud detection
 Click to chat
 Click to reveal
 Clickjacking or click hijacking
 ClickZ live
 Closed PPC policy
 Co-branded affiliate landing page
 Co-branded landing page
 Comment spam
 Commission reversal
 Companion ad
 Company targeting
 Competitor click fraud
 Conditional tag loading
 Container tag
 Content gating
 Content targeting
 Contextual advertising
 Contextual targeting
 Conversational agent
 Conversational marketing
 Conversion attribution
 Conversion attribution model
 Conversion cookie
 Conversion de-duplication
 Cookie based tracking
 Cookie deletion
 Cookie dropping
 Cookie matching
 Cookie overwriting
 Cookie policy
 Cookie pool
 Cookie stuffing
 Coupon code box
 Coupon feed
 Creative quality assurance
 Creative sequencing
 Creative template
 CRM data driven advertising
 CRM retargeting
 CRM targeting
 Cross-device advertising
 Cross-device analytics
 Cross-device attribution
 Cross-device conversion
 Cross-device identification
 Cross-device retargeting
 Cross-device targeting
 Cross-device tracking
 Cross-device visitor identification
 Cultural marketing
 Custom thumbnail