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The digital marketing glossary > A > What is 3MS initiative definition?

What is 3MS initiative definition ?

3MS is short for "Making Measurement Make Sense" an initiative from professional associations (IAB, ANA, 4A’s) and aiming to improve digital advertising measurement. The project started in May 2010.

Five guiding principles of gigital measurement have been edicted by the task force:

- Shift from a “served” to a “viewable” impression standard
- Introduce an online Gross Ratings Point metric
- Implement a classification system and taxonomy for banner, rich media and streaming video ads
- Define, standardize and accredit metrics for view-through reporting and cumulative social activity
- Establish standards and vendor accreditation to improve the methodology for online brand attitudinal studies

In May 2012, the 3MS initiative adopt the viewable impressions with 50% of ad seen for one second.

Published on Monday 17 December 2012 (Authors)