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The digital marketing glossary > A > What is Ad preferences manager definition?

What is Ad preferences manager definition ?

An ad preferences manager is a set of web pages offered by an ad network and which allows consumers to manage their preferences towards the online behavioral targeting used by the network.

Within an ad preferences manager, the consumer can discover how his browsing history is used for targeting, opt-out from behavioral targeting and sometimes edit his profile for better targeting.

When a consumer opts out, it doesn’t mean that he will not see ads, but that ads will not be targeted according to his browsing history.

Ad preferences tools are often a requirement for behavioral self-regulatory code compliance.

An ad preferences manager is offered individually by a network as opposed to opt-out tools which are collective tools.

The Amazon’s ad preferences manager only allows to opt out:

The Google’s ad preferences manager allows to edit interests and demographics:

Ad preferences manager

The ad interest manager offered by Yahoo:

Published on Sunday 23 December 2012, mis a jour le Sunday 30 December 2012 (Authors)