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The digital marketing glossary > A > What is Ad rank definition?

What is Ad rank definition ?

Ad rank commonly refers to the position given to an ad on a PPC platform like Google Adwords or Facebook sponsored links program.

Ad rank is of great importance as it notably impacts ad click-trough rates. On Google Adwords it is very important to be among the first three ads because the latter are generally displayed above organic results and the other ads are on right hand and are less viewable.

Image credit : Brian Lesser, Media Innovation Group


On Google SERPs, ad ranks are totally dynamic and attributed in real time even if the advertiser doesn’t change his bid. Indeed, his ad rank may change according to past ad performances and competition actions.

Ad ranks are usually mainly based on bid levels (for keyword buying) and click-through rates. Other factors can be also taken into account. Adword also considers ad text relevance and landing page content and loading times.

Image credit : Brian Lesser, Media Innovation Group


The click loss according to ad rank:

Image credit Atlas report 2006

Published on Tuesday 27 November 2012 (Authors)