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The digital marketing glossary > A > What is Ad server definition?

What is Ad server definition ?

Ad servers are essential for running an online advertising campaign.

An ad server is a software allowing ad campaigns management and distributing ads across a range of websites. It also provides campaign statistics which can be consulted by the actors taking part in a campaign.

Ad servers are used by publishers, ad networks, agencies and some advertisers. Several ad servers can be used in the same campaign by the means of ad redirects. Most of the ad servers are offered as Saas.

Ad servers are used by traffic managers for ad trafficking.

Main functions of an ad server are :

- ad placement management
- ad tags creation and management
- inventory management
- targetting setting up
- dayparting and capping
- reporting
- media orders and invoices management
- ...

More details on ad server features are given and explained in the definitions below.

There are mainly two different types of ad servers: publisher ad servers or agency ad servers.

An example of different specialized ad server solutions:

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