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The digital marketing glossary > A > What is Ad stitching definition?

What is Ad stitching definition ?

Ad stitching refers to a server-side ad insertion technology by which video ads are stitched to the video file before delivering the video content. In this way, video ads are fully integrated into the content video stream.

Ad stitching has some benefits. It may prevent ad blocking because - for the moment - ad blockers are no longer able to distinguish between ad creatives and original content. It is also a solution for device fragmentation. Indeed, if the device can play the video, it can play the ad. It solves the issue of delivering video ads to many devices with differing capabilities.

Ad stitching has also some limitations. As video ads are fully intregrated in the video stream, they can’t have skip buttons and for the same reason users can use the forward video button.

According to ad stitching solutions, targeting and reporting capabilities may also be restricted.

Ad stitching technologies have been developed for video ad serving but can also be used for digital radios.

A conference about ad stitching :

Published on Thursday 18 December 2014 (Authors)