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The digital marketing glossary > A > What is Advertiser blocklist definition?

What is Advertiser blocklist definition ?

Advertiser blocklist can be a misleading term with two different meanings.

From a publisher perspective, an advertiser blocklist is a list of blocked advertisers. It allows a publisher to block specific creatives and advertisers from displaying ads on his website or mobile app. It can be used for protecting the publisher brand or for preventing the publisher’s competition to display ads.

Advertiser blocklists are integrated in managing processes of ad networks and ad exchanges. Publishers can block advertiser by name or categories.The more often particular advertisers can be blocked by adding the domain name or URL of the advertiser to the blocklist.

An example of use of an advertiser blocklist (called here publisher blocklist):

Image credit Liverail


An advertiser blocklist can also be seen from an advertiser point of view as an advertiser’s blocklist of publishers (publishers known for click fraud).

Published on Wednesday 2 January 2013 (Authors)