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The digital marketing glossary > A > What is Anchor link definition?

What is Anchor link definition ?

The anchor link, also called anchor text, is the visible text that is used as a hypertext link support.

In the below link, the link anchor is “back to the website homepage”. The link anchor is usually different from the destination URL (here: http://www.digitalmarketing-glossary.com).

Back to the website homepage

The link anchor plays roles in digital marketing. To provoke a click, on a newsletter link text or sponsored link, the link anchor needs to be incentive and to include, for instance, an action verb.

The link anchor matching a backlink or a backlink anchor also plays a role in SEO and needs to be optimized for its recognition by Google and others search engines.

For more details on this specific subject, see backlink anchor.

Published on Monday 15 October 2012 (Authors)