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The digital marketing glossary > A > What is Anchor text definition?

What is Anchor text definition ?

An anchor text is the clickable text -most often underlined and blue- in a hyperlink.

Anchors texts are usually descriptive texts or URLs.
- A descriptive anchor text: anchor text definition
- An URL anchor text: www.digitalmarketing-glossary.com

Anchor texts associated with backlinks and internal links are key factors for SEO. Search engine algorithms and evidently Google’s algorithm give more weight to descriptive anchor texts. For search engines, the descriptive anchor text is a relevancy signal when it matches the query.

All things being equal, for the query "cheap desktop", it is better for an ecommerce site ranking to have backlinks with the anchor text "many cheap desktops" than "www.dell.com" or "Dell".

For SEO purposes, professionnals are searching to multiply descriptive and relevant anchor texts for targeted queries. Many "legitimate" or SEO black hat practises are used for that. For instance, a good practise is to use an HTML sitemap with legitimate anchor texts.

Black hat practises for "good" backlink anchors are :
- comments spamming
- sblogs
- content spinning
- press releases on directories
- ....

Since 2012, Google has used his new filter algorithm Penguin to detect and penalyze artificial backlinks and anchor text over optimization. A bad backlink profile with too many similar anchor texts can lead to sanctions.

Published on Monday 8 December 2014 (Authors)