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The digital marketing glossary > A > What is Automated affiliate marketing definition?

What is Automated affiliate marketing definition ?

Automated affiliate marketing is, from the affiliate point of view, a program or solution which allows a publisher to generate and optimize revenues from many affiliate programs without multiplying affiliate links from different affiliate programs and networks.

The publisher embeds a unique monetization tag on his page templates and affiliate links are created with theoritically the most profitable products and merchants.

According to the choices of configuration, the automated affiliate solution can create afffiliate links from classic outbound links, generate affiliate links from context elements (keywords) or by overwriting affiliate links previously embedded by the publisher.

An example of monetization options offered by an automated solution:

Automated affiliate marketing solutions earn revenues by charging a commission (most often 25%) on publishers’ commissions.

Automatic affiliate solutions use their scale to negotiate better commission rates.

For more details about automated affiliate marketing see automated monetization.

From a merchant perspective, the term automated affiliate marketing can also sometimes refer to services offered to merchant by an affiliate network.

Published on Monday 14 January 2013, mis a jour le Tuesday 21 May 2013 (Authors)