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The digital marketing glossary > A > What is Automated monetization definition?

What is Automated monetization definition ?

Automated monetization solutions allow publishers to optimize the monetization of their traffic with the insertion of a single third party code provided by the monetization solution.

There is no need for the publisher to go through the process of signing up to many affiliate programs or advertising networks. Instead all links and ad placements are controlled and organized automatically by the monetization solution which automatically chooses the most gainful affiliate program, product or ad network for each ad placement or link.

Automated monetization platforms are essentially based upon affiliate programs - directly with the merchant or through an affiliate network. Thus, VigLink claims more than 30 000 merchant partners and more than 75 millions of products in his product API.

Monetization platforms generates affiliate links out of already existing classic outbound links, generates new product links from keyword context - often in-text links - and can also overwrite old affiliate links if the publisher wants it.

Affiliate link generation options on VigLink:


Automated monetization platforms charge a commission -often 25% - based on commissions earned through publishers. The monetization platform is paid by affiliate networks or merchants - it is the platform affiliate ID which is embedded in links - and deduct it commission before repaying publishers.

For publishers, the commission is theoritically compensated by:

- less time and labor devoted to monetization
- better conversion rates
- better commission rates negotiated by the platform
- more opportunities to create links and more affiliate links
- benefit of affiliate geo-optimization when offered by the platform
- ....

Some novel technologies and actors are emerging for monetization based upon video and images.

Published on Monday 14 January 2013 (Authors)