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The digital marketing glossary > A > What is Average Facebook click through rate definition?

What is Average Facebook click through rate definition ?

Facebook click through rate refers traditionally to the CTR observed for sponsored links appearing on the right side of news feeds or directly in news feeds. Since 2012, it can also refer to ads displayed on mobile news feeds.

According to different studies, average Facebook CTR was estimated for 2012 to be around 0,09%.

CTRs widely vary according to ad placement.

According to TBG Digital’s Facebook Advertising Report Q3 2012, CTRs observed from several hundreds of billion Facebook ad impressions were:

Logically, right hand placement on news feeds is the worst performer with an average of less than 0,05%.

Mobile news feed ad placement is the champion with a CTR over 2%. But it may raise questions about novelty effect and unintentional clicks on touch screens.

Published on Sunday 28 October 2012, mis a jour le Friday 2 November 2012 (Authors)