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The digital marketing glossary > B > What is B2B marketing definition?

What is B2B marketing definition ?

B2B marketing, standing for "business to business marketing", includes all the marketing practices used in the context of commerce between companies.

B2B marketing is generally based on the same practices as B2C marketing but with the necessary modifications due to the characteristics of BtoB commerce.

- The clients/customers are businesses
- The cycles of purchases and decisions can be very long
- The buyers are sometimes professional buyers
- The value of a customer can be very high and can represent a large share of the sales revenue.

Among the characteristics of B2B marketing, the following can be named:

- For traditional media, advertising communication is mainly done in professional press
- The important role of fairs, shows and industry events
- The lead management issue
- The role of content marketing (especially on the Internet)
- The special management of key accounts
- The role of interpersonal business relationships
- The project detection
- Etc.

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Published on Sunday 31 May 2015 (Authors)