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The digital marketing glossary > B > What is Branding campaign definition?

What is Branding campaign definition ?

In digital marketing context, a branding campaign is an advertising campaign for which visits, leads, conversions or other forms of immediate direct responses are not the priority.

The goals of a branding advertising campaign are to favorably develop brand image and awareness.

Branding campaigns are the more common form of campaigns on traditional (offline) advertising media but are not dominant on digital media.

Brand campaign success can be measured by traditional post-campaign surveys, by ad engagement or brand queries trends on search engines.

Some ad units and premium ad placements are more adequate and used for branding campaigns (Page takeover, page skin, interstitial, in-stream video, ...). According to a report from Macquarie Securities analyzing home page ad trends, 67 % of home page ads were purely brand-focused (versus direct-response) advertising in Q4 of 2012.

For more details see also branding.

In digital marketing context the concept of branding campaign is often opposed to direct response campaigns.

Published on Monday 7 January 2013, mis a jour le Monday 12 August 2013 (Authors)