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The digital marketing glossary > C > What is CRM retargeting definition?

What is CRM retargeting definition ?

CRM retargeting allows marketers to offer online display ads to their customers even though they have not visited the advertiser’s website. CRM retargeting is a complement or an alternative to "traditional" site retargeting.

With CRM retargeting, offline data is used by companies to reach their customers online at any time. CRM data are matched to online audiences to create anonymized online segments which can be addressed by delivering display ads. More often, CRM retargeting works by matching names, emails or physical addresses to anonymous web users through a dedicated marketing service seller. The marketing service connects offline data to web users and delivers ads.

CRM retargeting may be used to reactivate online shoppers and for cross and up-selling. A subscription-based company may for instance target ads to customers who have a subscription that is about to expire.

CRM remarketing is also referred as data onboarding.

For instance, Facebook Custom Audiences is one of the many offers related to CRM retargeting.

A CRM targeting service showcase:

Published on Sunday 30 June 2013, mis a jour le Wednesday 30 September 2015 (Authors)