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The digital marketing glossary > C > What is Calculators and simulators definition?

What is Calculators and simulators definition ?

Calculators and simulators are powerful tools in digital marketing context. They can be used for several situations and applications.

On a website, well thought and designed calculators and simulators have many benefits.

They are generally a traffic source for new visitors and prospects. Indeed, web users looking for a mortgage calculator have the best chances to be "in the market".

They are also very good for SEO as a good and popular calculator may generate many high quality backlinks. Calculators and simulators are a powerful tactic for link baiting.

They also may sometimes allow direct lead generation if the user has - and want - to register for using the calculator.

Of course, calculators and simulators can also be used for mobile marketing through dedicated mobile apps.

Calculators and simulators are equally recommended for BtoB and BtoC cases.

An example of a BtoB linkbait calculator in digital marketing context:

Image source Visual Website Optimizer (You see it’s an effective linkbait !)


A traditional example in banking sector:

Published on Sunday 28 October 2012, mis a jour le Friday 2 November 2012 (Authors)