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The digital marketing glossary > C > What is Clickjacking or click hijacking definition?

What is Clickjacking or click hijacking definition ?

Clickjacking or click hijacking is a process by which when a website visitor clicks on an item, it points to something different from what he perceives.

Clickjacking is most often used to steal personal data or taking control of user’s PC or webcam. In digital marketing context, it can also be used for generating artificial clicks and revenues from monetization platforms - see AdSense clickjacking. In the latter case when a user click an "Enter" link or button, in reality, he has clicked an AdSense ad. Invisible iFrames are commonly used for that kind of clickjacking.

Search result hijacking is also a form of click jacking.

Published on Monday 11 March 2013, mis a jour le Friday 22 March 2013 (Authors)