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The digital marketing glossary > C > What is Conversion cookie definition?

What is Conversion cookie definition ?

Conversion cookie is more often a misnomer used for referring to the conversion tracking tag used to retrieve a post-click or post-impression cookie.

In this case, the conversion tag is placed on the page visitors see after they complete a conversion and the tag looks for an eventual cookie placed when the visitors have previously seen or clicked an ad. If a cookie is found the conversion is attributed to the ad.

Cookies and tag used for tracking conversion are managed by marketing vendors selling ads. These vendors -for instance Google AdWords or retargeters - make available to advertisers the single snippet of HTML and JavaScript code to be placed on the "thank you page" after a conversion for retrieving the cookie placed during the prior ad exposure or click. Conversions due to ads are then displayed for advertisers in the arketing vendor platform interfaces.

Published on Tuesday 4 June 2013 (Authors)