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The digital marketing glossary > C > What is Coupon feed definition?

What is Coupon feed definition ?

A coupon data feed includes coupons from hundreds or thousands of merchants and delivers coupon data to coupon affiliate websites by XML feed. When the data feed structure is integrated in the layout of the site, coupon offers are automatically updated with the affiliate ID embedded in affiliate links.

There are two forms of coupon feeds, some are offered by affiliate networks and others by dedicated vendors.

Affiliate network coupon feeds muster all but only coupons belonging to the network merchants. There are free for the network affiliates.

Dedicated coupon feeds can be in excess of 10 000 merchants. They retrieve coupon from merchants, affiliate networks and affiliate managers. With good feeds, coupons are manually screened for quality insurance. Coupond feed saves time for large coupon sites but it is a paid service.

Coupon feeds are often associated with, or encompass, other types of special offers (sales, deals of the day, etc.)

An example of XML coupon feed structure:

Image credit Couponfeed


An example of coupon feed offer: Coupon feed Image credit For Me To Coupon

Published on Wednesday 2 January 2013 (Authors)