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The digital marketing glossary > C > What is Cross-device retargeting definition?

What is Cross-device retargeting definition ?

Cross-device retargeting refers to the application of retargeting principles for cross-device browsing.

The idea is to retarget a consumer trough other devices when there has not been a conversion on a first device.

As some devices don’t make conversions easier, cross-device retargeting may have particular value. For some goods, it can be relevant to retarget a user on his desktop or tablet when he hasn’t previously bought on his mobile.

It can be also relevant to retarget a consumer on his mobile near a store location.

Cross-device retargeting needs a way to have cross-device identification.

Some commercial presentations of cross-device retargeting :

Path :: Part 5 :: Retargeting from Millennial Media on Vimeo.


Cross-device Retargeting from Drawbridge on Vimeo.

Published on Sunday 30 November 2014, mis a jour le Monday 1 December 2014 (Authors)