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The digital marketing glossary > D > What is DMP definition?

What is DMP definition ?

DMP stands for Data Management Platform. In a digital marketing context, DMPs may have different meanings and encompass different realities.

In order to simplify matters, it is possible to consider two main kinds of data management platforms.

The first form of DMP that appeared is the display or advertising data management platform dedicated to manage data associated with ad impressions and used by ad networks, ad exchanges and publishers. For more details and illustrations, see display DMP.

Later, new forms of DMPs have emerged, being more focused on enterprise data management and dedicated to manage all kinds of touch points. Those DMPs are often called enterprise DMPs (see the definition for more details and illustrations).

In both cases, DMP are Saas or "in the cloud" services and are closely related to the emergence of big data.

Of course, lines are blurred between different kinds of DMPs and some features are in common. Some generic definitions may cover all kinds of DMPs:

IAB defines DMPs as "tools that normalize disparate data sets so that marketers can better understand and utilize data from multiple sources".

For the Winterberry Group, it is "the embodiment of a “Big Data” solution for multichannel advertising, marketing, media and audience activation".

For further details, see entreprise DMP and display DMP.

DMPs ’principles as showed by a vendor:

The positioning of a DMP: (Source Forrester Research’s white paper):

Published on Monday 17 June 2013, mis a jour le Monday 5 October 2015 (Authors)