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The digital marketing glossary > D > What is Data-driven marketing definition?

What is Data-driven marketing definition ?

Data-driven marketing refers to all marketing decisions and actions using data related to consumers. Data-driven marketing may be considered as a 2013 buzzword, even if before the rise of digital marketing most part of offline marketing was already based on available data. Thus, direct mail and telemarketing have been based upon consumer data for many years.

Nevertheless, the use of the data-driven marketing term emphasizes the fundamental role of data in digital marketing. Thus, consumer data is used for:
- website personalization
- CRM data driven advertising
- email segmentation and personalization
- retargeting
- etc.

Types of data companies collect and use for data-driven marketing:

Data-driven marketing

Image credit Teradata 2013 "Data-driven marketing survey".

Data-driven marketing is based upon first-party and third-party data.

The advent of data-driven marketing is obviously tied to the big data phenomenon and has many consequences:
- more and more programmatic marketing driven by data
- "supremacy" of analytics
- data management issues (big data challenges)
- privacy issues
- data leak issues
- role of math men and data scientists
- importance of good relationship between IT and marketing
- etc.

According to a BlueKay 2013 study, 91% of surveyed worldwide marketing executives and media buyers agreed that the use of data figured prominently into segmentation and targeting strategies.

Published on Tuesday 24 March 2015, mis a jour le Wednesday 24 June 2015 (Authors)