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The digital marketing glossary > D > What is Device fragmentation definition?

What is Device fragmentation definition ?

Device fragmentation is the phenomenon by which an increasing array of devices are used to access digital contents within websites and apps. Types of devices are:
- mobiles / smartphones
- desktop PCs
- notebooks
- tablets
- Kindles
- video game consoles
- connected TVs
- web-enabled objects
- ....

Device fragmentation raises different issues for merchants, content providers, advertisers and digital marketers.

Digital content needs to be served to devices with different features and abilities and to an ever-increasing number of screens. Responsive web design and web apps are means to take up the challenge.

A single visitor or customer may also access a same content or offer via different devices within a day. It presents a challenge for cross-device identification and unified analytics.

Device fragmentation has also be named Splinternet by Forrester Research.

See also mobile device fragmentation.

Published on Monday 15 July 2013 (Authors)