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The digital marketing glossary > D > What is Direct traffic definition?

What is Direct traffic definition ?

Direct traffic to a website corresponds to cases when visitors access a website without going through a link on a web page.

Direct traffic corresponds to:

- access by an email link.
- access by keyboarding the URL in the browser address bar.
- access by a bookmark or favorite.

Accesses by email on a webmail are considered by web analytics tools to be referral accesses because the consultation is on a webpage.

In web analytics dashboards, direct accesses are listed in traffic sources with referrers pages and visits from search engines.

Visits from search engines with a request done with the site name, domain name or with its URL are actually another mode of direct traffic or access since a lot of Internet users use Google as a browser address bar.

Published on Sunday 23 September 2012, mis a jour le Saturday 27 October 2012 (Authors)