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The digital marketing glossary > D > What is Domain parking keyword definition?

What is Domain parking keyword definition ?

A domain parking keyword is the keyword chosen by the parked domain owner to trigger ppc ads on his domain. The choice of the keyword has a big impact on the potential revenue.

The goal is to choose high priced keywords on PPC platforms but also keywords related to type-ins or search queries leading to the parked domain. Naturally, the keyword is often the same or close to the keyword present in the domain name. The strategy may be a little different for typosquatting related parked domains.

Setting domain parking keywords -aka masterkeywords- on Sedo’s platform:

Parking keyword

Some parking domain services allow users to choose secondary keywords for different language zones and display them by using geotargeting.

What is a good parking keyword according to Sedo:

Published on Monday 18 March 2013 (Authors)