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The digital marketing glossary > D > What is Domain porfolio management definition?

What is Domain porfolio management definition ?

Domain name portfolio management refers commonly to the different aspects of managing many domain names.

For an organization or corporation, domain porfolio management has mainly two dimensions. The first is administrative management. It consists of registering and renewing domain names with the different national registrars. An important dimension is also to maintain pertinent administrative contacts and email addresses to ensure to receive renewal notices. The second dimension is more a strategic one, it consists of establishing a domain registration strategy to exploit and protect existing and future brands. Legal issues are also an important aspect of domain management.

Companies can be assisted by domain name management services.

For a domainer, domaine portfolio management is a little bit different. It includes administrative management and legal aspects, but it also includes the use of dedicated tools and services for massive management of domains. Domain parking services especially provide productivity tools for domain management as some owners have thousands of aprked domains.

Published on Sunday 17 March 2013 (Authors)