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The digital marketing glossary > D > What is Dynamic URL definition?

What is Dynamic URL definition ?

Dynamic URLs are automatically created by web publishing tools and CMS when website content creation and webpage generation is based upon databases.

A dynamic URL usually ends in a string of characters like id_article=4511 following a question mark.

Thus, the original dynamic URL of this page is :


Because dynamic URL are not ideal for SEO purposes and have lower click-through rates in front of consumers, they are often transformed into static URLs through URL rewriting process. See URL rewriting for understanding why dynamic URLs are sometimes considered bad for SEO.

Dynamic URLs have lower click-trough rates when exposed on search engines or in other circumstances because they are often ugly, very long and not significant - by reading the URL, it is difficult to understand what the page is about.

Published on Saturday 13 December 2014, mis a jour le Tuesday 16 December 2014 (Authors)