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The digital marketing glossary > D > What is Dynamic creative ad definition?

What is Dynamic creative ad definition ?

A dynamic creative ad is a personalized or unique ad built in real time when an ad request is delivered to an ad server. The dynamic ad is created on the fly by using a unique ad template and different elements pulled from a merchant product feed.

The dynamic ad can also be an ad carousel with multiple ad frames.

Ad content is based on prospects’ interests, past behaviors, and intent or based on contextual content.

An example of XLM product feed structure used for merging with the creative template.

Dynamic creative ads are mainly used for site retargeting but are also used for contextual personalization and continuous optimization.

The most often, in site retargeting context, products previoulsy viewed on merchant product pages figured in the dynamic creative (possibly with other product recommandations), but other behavior data can be used.

Below the dynamic creative is personalized according to search criteria used previously on the advertiser’s website. The ad template replicates the search criteria.

dynamic creative ad

Image credit Adacado

Logically, dynamic ads outperform classic static ad performances.

An example of dynamic creative ad benefits for site retargeting on FBX:

image credit Triggit


Dynamic creative can also be used for contextual targeting by the way of banners, search text ads on in-text ads. Personalization is then based on context elements and not on prospects’ past behaviors. A merchant ad will display shoe on a blog post focused on shoes and bags for one focused on bags.

Google Contextual Dynamic Creative Template

Google’s product listing ads are also a use of dynamic creatives.


Finally this kind of ads is also used for dynamic creative optimization (aka DCO) where during a campaign real time decisions and optimizations are made regarding variations of different offer elements (promotional messages, pricing, colors, call-to-action buttons etc). For more details see DCO.

Of course DCO can be mixed with site retargeting and result in millions of banner variations.

Published on Sunday 13 January 2013 (Authors)