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The digital marketing glossary > E > What is Emotional marketing definition?

What is Emotional marketing definition ?

Emotional marketing refers to all marketing activities aimed to arouse emotions (affective disorders or reactions) in individuals exposed to the marketing message.

In most cases, the goal is to arouse positive emotions related to a brand or a company, but in some rare cases it may be less pleasant or negative emotions (messages related tohumanitarian causes or road safety for example).

Emotional marketing includes emotional advertising and some uses of sensory marketing.

Arousing emotions in exposed consumers can allow:
- To promote the act of purchasing in point of sale
- To foster advertising memorization
- To favor brand loyalty

Emotions have long been used in marketing but recent progresses have been made to measure the emotional impact or efficiency, particularly in the field of advertising effectiveness. To go further on the subject, see emotional effectiveness.

Measuring the generated emotions is one of the field of application of neuromarketing.

Published on Wednesday 8 July 2015 (Authors)