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The digital marketing glossary > E > What is Engagement definition?

What is Engagement definition ?

Engagement is a term or concept very commonly used in digital marketing context.

Though there is no universal definition of engagement, engagement usually refers to a situation where a consumer interacts with a digital content. The nature of engagement and the ways for measuring it varies according to the type of content.

According to the IAB, there is three distinct forms of engagement:
- ad engagement
- content engagement
- audience engagement

Components and metrics of engagement differ for each form of content or context.

Some forms of engagement may be seen as "standards"

- Facebook engagement (for posts and pages)
- Video engagement
- Tweet engagement
- ...

Allthough the click to a landing page is a form of interaction and engagement, the measure of engagement is often based on other criteria and seen as a complement or an alternative to measuring the "traditional" click which has been historically the first form of engagement taken into account.

Published on Saturday 22 December 2012 (Authors)