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The digital marketing glossary > E > What is Enterprise DMP definition?

What is Enterprise DMP definition ?

An enterprise data management platform allows marketers to collect, centralize, normalize data and to make data actionable in real time for all marketing touch points.

An enterprise DMP collects and distributes data for offline and online activities and for different partners or vendors.

Channels or touch points that can fuel and be fed in real time by a DMP are numerous:
- stores
- call centers
- ad server
- website
- mobile applications
- website personalization platforms
- online chat services
- ad server / ad networks / ad exchange
- email / SMS platforms
- ....

Main challenges met by enterprise DMPs are their abilities to:
- prevent data silo
- normalize data
- indentify a same consumer on different touch points
- close the gap betwwen online and offline channels
- manage huge volume of data in real time (big data)
- manage different levels of permissions for enterprise departments
- manage customer and prospect privacy

An enterprise DMP differs from a classic CRM database system as it is cloud-based (saas) and more open and connected to external environment through web service APIs. Nevertheless, in the future, CRM systems and DMP should merge.

How client data are used on an enterprise DMP (image credit X+1)


The enterprise DMP (image credit Forrester Research Inc):

Published on Monday 17 June 2013 (Authors)