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The digital marketing glossary > E > What is Exclusion pixel definition?

What is Exclusion pixel definition ?

An exclusion pixel is more often used in site-retargeting campaigns and is used for not delivering ads to some individuals.

An exclusion pixel is often implemented on order confirmation page for "de-tag" recent customers within site retargeting campaigns. Thanks to the exclusion pixel the consumer is not shown the product he has just bought on the merchant site.

According to the sector of activity, an exclusion pixel can be used for not showing ad to the "coockied" recent buyer or to show a different ad for cross selling.

For instance, in a site-retargeting campaign for Mother Day, Teleflora has used exclusion pixels on his order confirmation page to ensure that users who completed a purchase were not returned to the retargeting pool for the remaining duration of the promotion.

Use of exclusion pixels allows advertisers to preserve their brand image and to prevent useless costs.

Exclusion pixels can also be used outside retargeting campaigns and for more "traditional" display campaigns.

Exclusion pixel must not be confused with opt-out cookie.

Published on Monday 7 January 2013 (Authors)