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The digital marketing glossary > E > What is Eye tracking definition?

What is Eye tracking definition ?

Eye tracking is a study methodology which consists in observing and tracking eye movements and looks of web users on a content. Eye activity is tracked by the means of an helmet or by a device fixed in or integrated with a desktop or notebook computer. The device is calibrated to follow pupil movements and to track points of fixation.

In the digital marketing context, eye tracking may be used for:
- analyzing eye activity on webpage content (home page, landing page, web form, etc.
- analyzing gazes on SERP
- analyzing email
- analyzing ad placement visibility
- ...

Eye tracking studies must be conducted and analyzed by experts.

Eye tracking results may be videos or heatmaps.

Examples of eye tracking results:

Published on Wednesday 7 November 2012, mis a jour le Sunday 18 October 2015 (Authors)