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The digital marketing glossary > F > What is Facebook PTAT definition?

What is Facebook PTAT definition ?

Facebook PTAT- for People Talking About This- is an indicator of Facebook users engagement towards a brand page and contents. PTAT is calculated and displayed in Facebook analytic dashboards (Facebook Insights). It is also displayed on the brand page.

Facebook PTAT is an aggregation of all interactions between Facebook users and a brand facebook page during the last 7 days.

Interaction included in the PTAT score are:

- likes on the brand page
- post liking, sharing and commenting (on brand page and fan newsfeeds)
- Photo tagging
- Checking or recommending a brand place
- page mentions
- ....

It has to be noticed that not only fans interactions are taken into account but also users which become fans and user which comment or share posts on the brand page without being fan. Thus Facebook PTAT increases during fan acquisition campaigns.

PTAT divided by number of fans gives PTAT rate.

An example of PTAT rates for big brands:

Image credit Quintly.

In theory, Facebook PTAT rate allows to measure proximity and affinity of a fan base but in reality it is largely affected by the number and frequency of posts. It seems that Facebook post engagement rate or PTAT weighted by number of posts are better indicators of engagement.

A GroupM Next study of weighted PTATs for 25 brands in Automn 2012:

Facebook PTAT is one of Facebook engagement metrics.

Published on Saturday 22 December 2012 (Authors)