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The digital marketing glossary > F > What is Flash sales site definition?

What is Flash sales site definition ?

Flash sales sites are "members-only" ecommerce sites which offer one or many daily deals at discounted prices for high end or luxury goods.

Many factors in this model favors impulse buying:
- the limited duration of the sale
- the limited quantity offered
- the high discount rate
- the "private" nature of the sale
- the alert capabilities of digital (email, sms, apps, etc.)
- the recommandation power of social media

For brands and manufacturers, it is a means to trade unsold inventories through high quality environment without hurting brand image.

Flash sales sites are modern heirs of some traditional private retail sales.

Originally, the flash sales sites business model is focused on brand name clothing, home furnishings and accessories, but with the success of the model, many niche focused sites have appeared. In 2012, more than 100 flash sales sites were present in US market.

Large flash sales pioneers are trying to widen their offers beyond unsold inventories because the latter are limited and because brand names don’t want to devaluate their brands.

Thus, the discount associated with the original flash sales model is not always still present.

An example of flash sales site:

A website which curates online flash sales:

Published on Tuesday 13 November 2012 (Authors)