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The digital marketing glossary > G > What is Gamification definition?

What is Gamification definition ?

Gamification for a digital marketing context may be defined as the process of using game mechanincs in an initially non-game environment for marketing purposes and better ROI.

Gabe Zichermann offers a short generic definition of gamification: "The process of using game thinking and game mechanics to engage audiences and solve problems."

Intermediary goals of gamification are:
- audience engagement
- loyalty
- positive association with the brand
- enhancing user’s experience
- encouraging desired actions - subscription, trial, sharing, etc.
- ...

Game mechanics and features used in gamification mainly come from video and social games, they are:
- points
- rewards
- achievements
- missions
- badges & statuses
- leaderboards
- progress bars
- maps
- dashboards
- levels
- etc.

An example of badges usage:

Gamification is based on psychology, persuasive design and behavior management and is often tied to social features - see social gamification. Competition is often an important factor in gamification.

In marketing context, gamification is also used for sales team

See also gamification analytics and social gamification.

An example of gamification on a Pepsi website:


An interesting introduction to gamification by Gabe Zichermann:


An example of gamification usage in software trial process:

Published on Friday 29 March 2013, mis a jour le Saturday 30 March 2013 (Authors)