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The digital marketing glossary > G > What is Give a cause: affiliate program definition?

What is Give a cause: affiliate program definition ?

A "give a cause" affiliate program or platform is a program which offers consumers to support a cause by shopping online.

For each purchase made by a member, a commission is paid to the cause by the platform. In fact, as an affiliate, the platform earns a commission for each purchase made by its members and repays half the commission to the cause choosen by the member.

For a contribution to be given to the cause, the member has to use the platform before buying onto the merchant website or to use a specific toolbar.

"Give a cause" programs are considered by "tradionnal" affiliates as parasitic affiliates and their toolbars are called parasitewares.

OneCause, the most known "give a cause" program:

Published on Wednesday 7 November 2012, mis a jour le Tuesday 1 January 2013 (Authors)