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The digital marketing glossary > I > What is IFrame definition?

What is IFrame definition ?

An IFrame for Inline Frame is an HTML document embedded inside another HTML document on a webpage. With IFrames, a new HTML document is called from the visited or parent page.

IFrames are most often used to insert dynamic content - like ads or widgets - from other sources . For instance, YouTube videos embedded on blogs are inserted through copied and pasted IFrames.

IFrame example

The main benefit of loading third party content via an IFrame is that the iframe content can load in parallel without bloacking the main page.

IFrames have many uses in digital marketing. They are used for affiliation widgets, content curation, design optimization and especially for online advertising trafficking.

More than 90 % of display ads are served within IFrames for performance and security reasons.

A particular form of IFrame, the hidden IFrame, is often used for malicious practises in digital marketing context.

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Published on Tuesday 9 April 2013 (Authors)