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The digital marketing glossary > I > What is Immersive marketing definition?

What is Immersive marketing definition ?

Immersive marketing refers to the practices intended to cause the consumer immersion in the brand or product universe.

The earliest forms of immersive marketing were probably the use of sensory or experiential marketing on point of sale.

Other immersive marketing techniques have since emerged. It may be, for example, to use permanent or event websites for the visitor to dive into the world of the brand, to use new techniques like virtual or augmented reality or even to use immersive booths.

Immersive marketing practices can serve different purposes:
- branding goals
- customer experience goals
- to simulate product or service usage
- ...

Some immersive marketing methods can for example be used in the travel industry to experience luxurious accommodations or paradisiacal destinations.


An example of an immersive digital display system:


An example of the potential of virtual reality for travel:


Below is an example of the use of virtual reality helmets for Dior stores to immerse yourself in the world of model shows. In this case, one might wonder if it does not act more as an image effect than as a real plus for the consumer.

Published on Tuesday 7 July 2015 (Authors)