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The digital marketing glossary > I > What is In-market targeting definition?

What is In-market targeting definition ?

In-market targeting is a form of online behavioral targeting that allows advertisers to target consumers who are considering buying a given product or service.

In-market targeting is offered by behavioral networks that indentify, on different sites belonging to their network, a consumer behavior indicating a specific purchase consideration.

In-market targeting is particularly used for some sectors:
- automotive
- travel
- real estate
- BtoB
- ..

An example of comparison widget ad used for automotive in-market targeting. In this example, the advertiser knows the purchase intent but also his main competitor for a single consumer project.

In-market offers are usally effective for detecting purchase consideration, but it is often hard to detect actual purchase. Advertisers have to be vigilant about the time frame following the purchase intent detection.

Site retargeting is also a form of in-market targeting for which only the merchant having discovered the purchase intent on his website can adress the potential consumer.

Published on Sunday 23 December 2012 (Authors)