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The digital marketing glossary > I > What is Intent-based advertising definition?

What is Intent-based advertising definition ?

In digital marketing context, intent-based advertising can be defined as the art of displaying an ad message in front of a user who has immediately or recently shown an intent of purchase for a specific product or service. The principles are to focus on hot prospects for best chances of conversion.

The intent of purchase can be deduced from a single keyword or action, from a single visit or from a browsing history on a network or site.

Different forms of intent-based advertising are:

- Site retargeting
- Search retargeting
- Interest-based targeting and more specifically in-market targeting
- Some forms of affiliate marketing

In a broader sense, some aspects of SEO can also be considered as intent-based advertising.

Intent-based advertising is data-driven targeting and it can be based on the advertiser’s own data (site-retargeting), publishers and networks’ data or third-party behavioral data.

To see how intent-based advertising positions itself among other forms of targeting, see an illustration in intent-based targeting.

Intent-based advertising is only a part of intent-based marketing.

An exemple of intent-based targeting offered by eXelate:

Published on Friday 4 January 2013 (Authors)