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The digital marketing glossary > I > What is Interest based targeting definition?

What is Interest based targeting definition ?

Interest based targeting can be based on declarative data (user profiles) or a specific form of behavioral targeting.

In the latter case, web users interests are deduced from browsing histories within a site or on a network (see also behavioral ad network).

Many elements can be used for deducing interests:

- nature of page viewed on the network
- search keywords
- ads clicked
- scanned communication (webmail, instant messaging,..)
- various interactions (comparison, simulation,..)
- ...

When an individual reach a score threshold for an interest category, he his included in this segment. On big networks users can usually consult and manage their assigned interest categories and opt-out of interest based categories (see ad preferences manager)

How Yahoo determines interests for a user:

Interest based targeting

Large behavioral ad networks offer very precise interest segments and Google Adsense Network offers more than two thousand interest categories:

Interest based targeting based on profiles is offered by publishers who, directly or not, ask visitors for their interests.

Interest based targeting on Facebook platform:

Interest based targeting by Google:


In-market targeting is a particular form of interest based targeting.

Published on Sunday 30 December 2012 (Authors)