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The digital marketing glossary > I > What is Internal search data definition?

What is Internal search data definition ?

Internal search data are all kinds of data originating from internal search activity on a website.

There is mainly two forms of internal search data. Keywords and phrases typed-in within a search box and data outcoming from usage of menus and faceted search.

Keywords used for internal search are a goldmine for marketers and web analysts and can be retrieved from web analytics solution like Google Analytics.

Internal keyword mining allows marketers to identify what visitors are searching for and possibly detect missing product or content. It enables to identify what specific keywords are used by customers and to reuse them for leveraging paid search. It may also be a mean to rethink navigation menu wording or phrasing.

When analysing internal search keywords, focusing on failed searches and searches followed by an website exit is very important. Measuring search influence on sales is also precious.

An example of dimensions and metrics available for search analysis via Google Analytics:

Analysing usage of navigation menus and faceted search is a little more complex. Data can be collected by event tracking or through reports offered by searchandising solutions. As for keyword mining, it allows to verify adequation between demand and offer and to detect navigation issues.

Published on Wednesday 3 April 2013 (Authors)