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The digital marketing glossary > I > What is Internal search definition?

What is Internal search definition ?

Internal search are all forms of search completed on a website. It is not just about the search box but it also encompasses searches made via navigation menus and faceted search.

Internal search is important for site conversion in many ways.

Internal search optimization is a direct way to improve conversion rate as it allows visitors to access products they want and search for. It is also a way to offer alternative products and to promote cross-selling. These two dimensions have led to the searchandising concept.

Predictive text suggestions and typo corrections are effective features for internal search optimization.

Predictive search with text suggestions are based on popular queries identification but have also to take recency into account.

An example of text suggestions on Amazon’s website :

Analysis of internal search data may as well be very instructive. It gives elements about visitors’ behavior and can underline usability issues or an incomplete offer. Moreover, keywords used by visitors for internal search may be applied to paid search campaigns.

Yet, internal search is often the poor cousin of web analytics. For more details see internal search data and typo keywords.

Published on Friday 5 December 2014 (Authors)