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The digital marketing glossary > K > What is Keyword stuffing definition?

What is Keyword stuffing definition ?

Keyword stuffing is an old black hat seo technique which consist of inserting many times a keyword in a webpage or in meta tags for good SERP ranking on queries using the keyword.

When keyword stuffing is done (or rather was done) in page content. It has to be done without altering reading confort for visitors.

Different techniques were used to make the keyword repetition invisible for human and registered by search engine indexes:
- bottom page placement
- microscopic text size
- same color for text and background
- iFRame
- etc

Coarse keyword stuffing belong to SEO prehistory as the practice has been easily, and for a long time, detected by Google and other search engines and may now induce some penalities.

Nevertheless, lines are blurred between keyword stuffing and density text optimization.

Published on Friday 21 June 2013 (Authors)