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The digital marketing glossary > L > What is Landing page definition?

What is Landing page definition ?

A landing page can be commonly defined as the page beyond the click in a digital marketing campaign context.

Landing page optimization is a central issue for:
- display campaigns
- PPC ads
- affiliate marketing programs
- email marketing campaigns
- some offline campaigns -with QR codes for instance.
- ...

Most often, the main goal of a landing page is considered as leading to conversions - directly on the page or further on the website. Naturally, landing page goals depend on campaign goals. Some landing pages are designed to provoke buying, some are designed for lead generation and others to offer self-segmentation. For some campaigns, landing pages could be more focused on branding than direct conversion.

In B2B context, landing pages are often lead gen landing pages.

Some websites may have hundreds or thousands of automated landing pages created specifically for digital campaigns.

Landing pages are key factors of campaign effectiveness and ROI, and are still sometimes insufficiently taken into account. Many failed digital campaigns are due to poor landing pages.

Landing page design and optimization rules differs according to industries, product categories, traffic sources and campaign goals. Some landing page design services may offer several hundreds of landing page templates.

For more details see landing page optimization.

There are many kinds of landing pages :

- product landing pages
- lead gen landing pages
- facebook landing pages
- dynamic landing pages
- automated landing pages
- personalized landing page
- mobile landing pages
- responsive landing pages
- co-branded landing pages
- co-branded affiliate landing pages
- B2B landing page
- etc.

An example of landing page template dedicated to convert game customers :

image credit Indiegamegirl.


A landing page with offbeat humor :

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