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The digital marketing glossary > L > What is Last click attribution model definition?

What is Last click attribution model definition ?

The last click attribution model is a conversion attribution model by which all credit is given to the touch point or channel giving the last click before conversion. It is a single channel attribution model.

The last click model is often the default model used used by merchants or marketers who don’t have analytics tools or knowledge for more complex analysis. The most popular web analytics tools have multi-channel attribution models but offer by default the last click model.

Last click attribution model is logically known for giving too much credit to brand search ads, organic brand results or parasitic affiliates as these channels are natural way to come back to the merchant after a consideration phase or for cash back users.

The impact of conversion credit re-allocation for a travel sector merchant:

Last click attribution

Image credit Artemis Havas Digital.

The last click model may be appropriate for sales which are impulse buying without a consideration phase.

The most often, direct accesses (by URL typing or browser bookmarks) are not taken into account for last click attribution. The model can also be adapted for not taking into account search (organic or paid) related to the brand or website name.

The last click attribution model is also called last interaction model.

See other attribution models.

Published on Wednesday 19 December 2012, mis a jour le Friday 21 December 2012 (Authors)